City on a Budget

Exploring a city on a budget can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

Here is a list of budget friendly ideas that you could as a franchisee of a City Gide App list for loacls and tourists alike:

Free Walking Tours

Visit Public Parks

Museums and Galleries

Historic Sites

Local Markets

 Street Art and Murals

 Beaches and Waterfronts

Biking or Hiking Trails

 Local Festivals and Events

 Self Guided Tours

 Culinary Adventure

 Scenic Views

Library or Bookshop Visits

Community Events

Local Walking Routes

Photo Walk

Volunteer Opportunities

Local Churches and Temples

 Outdoor Performances

 Remember that travelling on a budget requires careful planning and research and many of the opportunities listed above, although offer a budget friendly alternative, still need to get their message out there.

As a City Guide Franchisee you will be be able to provide advertising across the City Guide App, City Guide Website and social media. All generating income on a regualr basis.